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The Don Bosco schools

Zway SisterFill a Mind & Heart supports the efforts of four Don Bosco schools throughout Ethiopia. These schools are run by Salesian Sisters, an order of the Catholic Church. While Fill a Mind & Heart is not affiliated with any religion, we have found that the Sisters share our vision and are fantastic partners in helping identify and fulfill the needs of the local community. The four schools we support are located in Adwa, Addis Ababa, Dila and Zway. Each school is focused on serving the neediest children from the surrounding area.

Education is a rare commodity for many children in Ethiopia. Government statistics state that about 35% of all children go to school, but only 1 hour of schooling per day is considered necessary to educate a child. The government does not devote significant resources to education, and many public schools are often overcrowded, underfunded, and poorly maintained. The Salesian Sisters and Priests recognized the need for quality educational opportunities in Ethiopia, thus prompting them to open the Don Bosco Schools.

The schools range from kindergarten and primary to secondary and technical levels. They also offer literacy courses for children, ages 8-12, who have never been in the educational system. By attending literacy courses for one year, children are able to enter into the school system in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade levels and begin their educational journey.

While education is the primary focus of each school, the Sisters also provide other assistance to the children and local community, including food/milk programs, limited medical care, jobs, hygiene opportunities, clean water, recreational opportunities, games and entertainment, life skills and living assistance.

How your donations
change lives

Art Supplies

Many c
hildren in Ethiopia have never had access to art supplies.  Fill a Mind & Heart provides them with everything from paper and glue to beads, buttons, crayons and paints.  These simple items help to nurture creativity, allow children to express themselves, and play an important part in well-rounded education. 

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